16 June 2024

Nucleon-Nucleon scattering amplitudes

This program plots the nuclear (i.e. an electromagnetic amplitude is not added) scattering amplitudes for NN models, for a fixed energy as function of the scattering angle.

Choose the amplitude
Saclay: a b c d e f
Hoshizaki: a m g h c
Wolfenstein: B C N G H
Helicity: M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6
Singlet-Triplet: Mss M00 M11 M10 M01 Mst
Choose at least one of these models
POT: NijmI
POT: Reid93
POT: Nijm93
Choose the interaction proton-proton neutron-proton
Give Tlab (between 0.1 and 350 MeV) MeV
Plot options PostScript PDF PNG
color black/white 16 June 2024