22 May 2024

Hyperon-Nucleon phaseshifts

Apart from the database this YN section is still in active development. While many results are already correct, there are still errors and programs may be unpredictable in their behaviour. Please be aware of this! We hope to have this YN section done by the end of March 2005 (end of January turned out to be a tad too optimistic). If you have any questions, please contact us.

Choose at least one of the following models:
NSC 1997 a
NSC 1997 b
NSC 1997 c
NSC 1997 d
NSC 1997 e
NSC 1997 f
Choose the interaction:
Σ+ p
Σ- n
Λ p
Σ+ n
Σ0 p
Λ n
Σ0 n
Σ- p
Pick a phaseshift:
1S0 3P0
1P1 γ1 3P1 3S1 ε1 3D1
1D2 Y2 3D2 3P2 E2 3F2
1F3 Y3 3F3 3D3 E3 3G3
1G4 Y4 3G4 3F4 E4 3H4
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color black/white 22 May 2024