23 July 2024

Source code

Last updated 10 April 2022

This page contains some packages written in fortran and some c. Some routines are only useful to the nuclear physics community while others might be useful for a general audience.


Subject Description
NN and YN Routines for several Nijmegen nucleon-nucleon and hyperon-nucleon potential models


Some of it is still quite experimental, but can nevertheless be useful in its current shape. Documentation is lacking. Sometime....

The code is provided as is, you can use it as you wish. But it would be appreciated it if you'd let us know if you find a particularly useful purpose for it. Feedback, suggestions and contributions to improve this software are more than welcome; if you have any questions, remarks, bug fixes, donations, postcards, or job offers, please contact us:

Package Description
STRINGS A module implementing variable length strings. It is inspired by the ISO_VARYING_STRING extension to the fortran 95 standard, but (in my opinion) somewhat more useful.
GD A module interfacing the well known GD Graphics Library library (in c) of Thomas Boutell.
XML An XML parser in fortran. Still very much in an embryonic state but it may neverteless be useful for some people.
ERFC Several routines computing the complementary error function. 23 July 2024