16 June 2024

What's new and what's to be expected?

Last updated July 2023

What's new

A brief list of some 'major' events during the last 10 years. By no means complete.

July 2023
On the surface it seems that NN-OnLine has been rather dormant last 2 decades. But out of sight it's still maintained. Technically and content-wise. Next year we will celebrate our 30th year of existence. You will notice :-)
March 2005
A new server has been purchased.
Despite a huge lack of time and financial resources a 'new' server has been bought off eBay to replace the current one. Another HP PA-RISC machine, model C3000. Somewhat faster and somewhat more memory than the current server. Expected time to be used will be summer 2005.
June 2004
NN-OnLine had moved to its own domain:
NN-OnLine has been 'restyled'; pages are now generated with PHP and stylesheets are used to suggest a preferred presentation to the browser.
February 2004
A new program has been added that allows you to compare your own experimental data with theoretical models.
January 2004
A `new' server has been bought for NN-OnLine. It's a HP again, a model C200. It's only half the age of the old server that is over 12 years old. Together with the planned revamp of the site (that is very necessary) it is a nice part in NN-OnLine's 10th birthday celebration this year.
June 2003
On request a new program has been added to make `abundandeplots' of the NN database. The output is still somewhat primitive, and the current implementation of that database lacks flexibility to do refined searching. Yet is still may be useful.
October 1999
The ESC96 potential is added.
July 1999
A separate page is made listing all the computercode that is available. Hopefully this list will grow in the future.
March 1999
After a break of more then 20 years new low energy YN scattering data have been become available!
July 1998
The 3d surfaces for observables are now also available in VRML
June 1998
You can submit your own experimental data and calculate the chi**2 w.r.t. some models
June 1998
3d surface plots of scattering amplitudes or observables versus energy and angle can be made
December 1997
For all eprints a PDF version is available
August 1997
NN-OnLine completely refurbished - new interactive programs (the NN database, NN scattering amplitudes)
May 1997
The database of hyperon-nucleon scattering data is available
January 1996
NN-OnLine is an independent server with its own address:
August 1994
NN-OnLine is born

What's to be expected

Plenty of ideas and plans, but as NN-OnLine is a one-man operation and not funded ... it may take a while sometimes before actual realization takes place. 16 June 2024