16 June 2024

Status of the πNN coupling constants

The following two references give you some info on the current status of the πNN coupling constants.

M.C.M. Rentmeester, R.G.E. Timmermans, and J.J. de Swart
Determination of the chiral coupling constants c3 and c4 in new pp and np partial-wave analyses
Phys. Rev. C 67 (2003), 044001 .
J.J. de Swart, M.C.M. Rentmeester, R.G.E. Timmermans
The Status of the Pion-Nucleon Coupling Constant
Invited talk by J.J. de Swart at
"MENU97; Seventh International Symposium on Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon", Vancouver, B.C., Canada, July 28 - August 1, 1997
"XVth International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics", Groningen, the Netherlands, July 22-26, 1997
Published in the MENU97 proceedings; πN Newsletter 13 (1997), 96-107
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