23 July 2024

NN models

The following nucleon nucleon models are included in NN-OnLine:

Model type energy range [MeV] reactions inelasticities reference
PWA93 pwa 0-350 pp/np no 1
Nijm93 potential 0-350 pp/np no 2
Nijm1 potential 0-350 pp/np no 2
Nijm2 potential 0-350 pp/np no 2
Reid93 potential 0-350 pp/np no 2
ESC96 potential 0-350 pp/np no 3


Phaseshifts obtained from NN-OnLine may not be identical to the phasehifts that appeared in the original references, or as obtained from SAID. There can be many causes for discrepancies: differences in values for physical constants, numerical accuracy, including or excluding of electromagnetic effects, etc. etc. In general these discrepancies should not be significant. The non-Nijmegen potentials are most likely to be victim of this.

Except for the Paris potential, all phasehifts are calculated using computercode for the potential supplied by the authors. BonnB, CDBonn95, OSBEP97, and the Ruhr potential are developed in momentum space, the other potentials are in configuration space.


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