29 November 2023

Browsing the nucleon-nucleon database:
output options

There are 4 ways to show the database; they give you the database as a list of references and information on the energies, number of data, observables and angular range. This list contains hyperlinks to the groups of data. Following a hyperlink brings you to a menu from which you can choose from several options to actually show the data.

Short notes on these options:

Chronologically ordered
The database is presented ordered on the year of publication.
Reversed chronologically ordered
The database is presented reversely ordered on the year of publication.
Alphabetically ordered
The database is alphabetically ordered on the name of the first author of the publication. (Actually it's sorted on the reference-code)
Ordered on increasing Tlab
The database is ordered on the Tlab of the groups of data. If a group contains data at multiple energies, the lowest energy in the group determines the place in the list.

Short notes on the presentation: 29 November 2023