29 November 2023

YN scattering data: BE64

Authors: P. Beillière, J.L. Gomez, A. Lloret, A. Rousset, K. Myklebost, J.M. Olsen
Reference: Phys. Lett. 12 (1964), 350
Group: Paris/Bergen

The experiment:

86 elastic Λ-nucleon events have been recorded in an exposure of the Ecole Polytechnique Heavy Liquid Bubble Chamber at CERN to a beam of stopping 1.47 GeV/c K- mesons. The liquid was freon.
20000 pictures have been scanned

The data:

Λ - nucleon → Λ - nucleon total elastic cross section (SGT)
momentum range      number of     SGT [mb]
    [MeV/c]          events

 500 - 1200            86       25 +/- 4

Notes: 29 November 2023