22 May 2024


Last updated 2 September 2003

The code is provided as is, you can use it as you wish. But I would appreciate it if you'd let me know if you find a particularly useful purpose for it - I might make some kind of gallery. Feedback, suggestions and contributions to improve this software are more than welcome; if you have any questions, remarks, bug fixes, donations, postcards, or job offers, please contact me:

This is a module that provides a fortran 95 interface to the wellknown GD Graphics Library in c by Thomas Boutell. As binding fortran to c is not portable yet, there is no guarantee that it will work. I have tested it with a variety of compilers on several unix platforms and I didn't encounter any problems though.

If you want to use it you need to have the GD library installed on your system. The current instance of the module requires version 2.0.12 or newer of the GD library. As the GD library can be configured to support jpeg, xpm, and the freetype2 library, you have the same choices when compiling the fortran module. Gif support has (rightfully) been removed from the GD library long time ago, but for your convenience all necessary c code has been included. Consider using PNG though!

To compile the module: Edit the Makefile and change the necessary compiler flags. Add -DWITHOUT_FT to the C compiler flags (CFLAGS) and fortran compiler flags (FFLAGS) if you don't want or don't have support for the freetype2 library. Add -DWITHOUT_GIF if you don't want support for gif images. Add -DWITHOUT_JPEG if you don't want or don't have support for jpeg images. Add -DWITHOUT_XPM if you don't want or don't have support for Xpm images (read-only; however I haven't been able to get any decent results from reading Xpm images, on none of the platforms I tried. I don't know whether that is my fault, or a bug in the GD library). You may need to add -DUNDERSCORE to the c compiler flags to make sure the symbol names generated by the fortran and c compilers match. I assumed the symbol names are always lower case.

When using the fonts with the freetype2 library, either give the full path where to the place where the font file is found, or set the environment variable GDFONTPATH to the directory where the fontfiles are found and only use the file name.

I am currently halfway writing proper documentation. This is expected to be finished before the end of 2003. The module tries to follow the GD API so looking at the code, the test file and the GD documentation may help for the time being.

Download: gd-1.0.tar.gz 22 May 2024