17 April 2024


Last updated 8 January 2006

The code is provided as is, you can use it as you wish. But I would appreciate it if you'd let me know if you find a particularly useful purpose for it - I might make some kind of gallery. Feedback, suggestions and contributions to improve this software are more than welcome; if you have any questions, remarks, bug fixes, donations, postcards, or job offers, please contact me:

This STRINGS module is very much inspired by the 'iso_varying_strings' module and the sample implementation by L. Schonfelder. Most of the functions (except I/O functions) mentioned in the ISO/IEC 1539-2:1999 extension to the fortran 95 standard are implemented one way or the other. Some other useful routines have been added to the module, like sorting arrays of character variables or strings, and transforming to uppercase/lowercase.

The main difference with the iso_varying_strings module however is that the functions in this strings module return a value of fortran's native character type instead of 'string' type. Although that usually may lead to some performance penalty due to extra copying, I see two main advantages to this approach:

In addition there is the possibility to play with the length of the allocated space that holds the string as if it were a kind of buffer. Several subroutines to manipulate the string and the allocated space are provided.

Alas no documentation yet. With a bit of luck near the end of 2003.

Download: strings-1.3.tar.gz 17 April 2024