17 April 2024

Information on the NN-OnLine programs

This part of NN-OnLine allows you to interactively retrieve numerical and graphical information on the nucleon-nucleon interaction. Using forms you can instantaneously calculate and plot phaseshifts, scattering amplitudes, predictions for observables and properties of the deuteron for several models of the NN interaction. It also includes the worlddatabase of low and intermediate energy nucleon-nucleon scattering data. This database is accessible. Data can be retrieved and compared with modelpredictions.

Right now six different sources of nucleon-nucleon phaseshifts are included; Updates and extensions of the partial wave analysis will be added later as well new and other potentialmodels.

The following pages will give you more detailed information and help on the input and output of the programs.

If this doesn't help you, don't hesitate to contact the management!

Last updated 6 October 1998 17 April 2024